42% of Microchips are USELESS because they are not registered!

We register all brands of microchips!

We also register all forms of pet ID.

Why BeKind PetFind?

When your pet goes missing every second counts. As a trusted partner to pet parents since 1987, we have 30 years of experience reuniting pets with their pet parents!

We work diligently to bring your pet home.


  • Protection for your pet! Peace of mind for you!
  • 24/7 on call experienced, dedicated staff to take your calls.
  • Lifetime registration that costs less than a bag of pet food!
  • The whole enchilada for one flat rate. No hidden fees or up charges.
  • Valuable tools for helping ensure the safe return of your pet:
    • Brass collar tag
    • Text and email alerts to your Circle of Trust
    • Personalized pet posters
    • Social media campaign
    • AAHA Partner Registry — double coverage!
    • ALL included in your pet’s lifetime registration! and so much more…

They give us joy, companionship, unconditional love and slobbery kisses.

The least we can do is fill their bellies, snuggle, praise and PROTECT them!

Protection For Your Pet
Peace of Mind for You

When you register your pet’s microchip, and other forms of ID on BeKind PetFind, we link this information to the unique number on your pet’s brass collar tag in our National Database.

This enables us to instantly access all of your contact information, Circle of Trust and emergency contacts and other vital information about your pet in our database. When you report your pet lost, we can then immediately spring into action working to help reunite you and your pet as quickly as possible.

Pawsome Benefits

  • Double coverage! BeKind PetFind is a trusted partner of the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool.
  • When you report your pet lost, we get to work and cross reference all major pet registries immediately.
  • Your pet is issued their own spiffy brass collar tag with our toll free recovery hotline and their unique BeKind PetFind number. Shipped to your home at no additional charge!
  • Individual Pet Portal containing your pet’s permanent record. Update information; make changes anytime at no additional charge.
  • Access user-friendly tools right at your fingertips: Personalized Pet Posters, Launch a Social Media Campaign, Report your pet lost with the click of a mouse and much more.


  • Sunshine dug under our fence, her collar fell off, and we thought we'd never see her again. We were heart broken. Thankfully, a good Samaritan saw her wandering in the street and took her to an animal shelter in the next town. Her microchip was registered with BeKind PetFind and we were reunited with Sunshine the same day!

    Patti B.
    Patti B.
    Northridge, CA
  • We thought our cat Cupid was gone forever. We were devastated. We got a call that Cupid was found and scanned at a local vet, they located us because we registered our microchip with BeKind PetFind! We have never been so happy!

    Martin D.
    Martin D.
    Denver, CO
  • Our 4 pugs escaped from our yard and were running up the street in our neighborhood. Before we even knew they were missing, we got a call from Lindy at BeKind PetFind telling us that someone had recovered our babies. Thank heavens they were wearing their brass collar tags!

    Jason S.
    Jason S.
    Portland, OR
  • The best $24.95 I ever spent! Kitty went missing and I got online to my BeKind account, printed posters, posted them around the neighborhood and before I knew it, Kitty was home safe and sound!

    Mark R.
    Mark R.
    Culver City, CA

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